Accelerate innovation and achieve smarter strategies


Uncover valuable new insights through research and analytics.


Rapidly visualize possibilities that make ideas tangible.


Validate concepts to prove performance and feasibility.


Execute solutions that deliver measurable impact.

SINSA is a Roanoke, VA based consulting firm that fuses data, design, and research to help solve challenging problems.

Our team of researchers, analysts, and strategists have decades of experience helping organizations bring their boldest ideas to life.


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We've built a unique process that drives tangible results

Our approach pulls from the best strategies and proven methods to deeply understand customers, rapidly validate ideas, and ensure solutions deliver real impact.

Inspirations we pull from:

The Jobs To Be Done Framework

Focusing on the jobs customers are trying to get done enables us to design for desired outcomes rather than simply reacting to stated needs.

The Lean Startup

By rapidly prototyping and testing ideas, we can validate concepts and avoid wasted effort on solutions users don't want.

Agile Methodologies

Iterative delivery enables faster feedback, continuous improvement, and the flexibility to respond to changing needs.

Innovation Frameworks

We utilize proven innovation frameworks like the Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Harvard's Disruptive Innovation Theory to develop new strategies and offerings.

Build your capabilities

Expand your potential and outperform the competition.
Leverage our unique services to generate insight, clarity, and direction on your biggest challenges. Here’s what we’re experts at:


Uncover transformative insights through data-driven discovery and real-time feedback.

–  Customer Satisfaction
–  Product Market Fit
–  Brand Awareness
–  Employee / Pulse
–  Market Segmentation
–  Concept Testing


Cultivate a fresh sense of empathy and understanding with personal narratives.

–  Usability Testing
–  Ethnography
–  Customer Experience
–  Journey Mapping
–  Focus Groups
–  Pricing Strategy


Spark innovation and strategic breakthroughs with collaborative thinking.

–  Strategic Planning
–  Innovation
–  Change Management
–  Business Model Canvas
–  Workforce Development
–  Goal Alignment & OKRs


Unlock business intelligence and make informed decisions by letting data tell the story.

–  A/B Testing
–  Multivariate
–  Sentiment
–  Risk / Cost-benefit
–  Segmentation / Profile
–  Emerging Technology

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